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Alena L. Walker, stage name Alena Larie, is an American-International Singer-Songwriter and Co-Producer. Alena has loved singing since the age of three and has been professionally performing for over a decade. She is an amazing woman, and her music is loved amongst many countries and continents, such as: the Americas, Australia, India, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Taiwan. Her songs and vocals bring a fresh sound and perspective with lyrics that touch on many subjects and aspects of life in a transparent way that relates to the listener. 
You will find yourself singing her lyrics, even after the music has stopped playing. Alena Larie, a native of Seattle/Renton, Washington, fearlessly and boldly walks in her purpose in life, and loves all who support her music. Her motto is “endeavor to leave a mark, not a scar.” Alena Larie's newest single releases include “Rain On Me”, which released on Friday April 30th, 2021; “Loyalty”, “Tonight”, “You Said”, "Number 9"which were written, performed  by Alena Larie and Co- produced by: Producer Qreepz - Jay Battle . All of Alena’s singles are available for download and streaming on all major digital music platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and YouTube Music. Alena Larie/ Alena L. Walker is also an actress and has taken part in musical theater productions and has appeared in the  REI Mini Gifts  Holiday commercial in 2013. Alena dreams and hopes to act on the big screen one day! Alena recently had the wonderful opportunity to be an influencer for the Opportunity Leadership Network " I'm Every Woman" Benefit Concert Featuring legendary  Chaka Khan & Andra Day this past March which aired on KONG TV! Learn more about #OLN  KD Hall Communications!

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Alena is also the current reigning Mrs. USofA Globe 2021, she is a spokesperson for the W.I.N. Foundation -Founded in 1996 by:  President and founder Dr. Tracy Kemble. W.I.N. which specializes in the personal empowerment for women; committed to providing programs of recovery for those affected by abuse. Alena is proud to be apart of the Mrs. Globe Organization. 

Alena Larie "Rain On Me" Release Date: April 30, 2021
Song Written & Performed by Alena Larie Walker
Music by Producer, Qreepz, James A Battle (Jay)

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About Alena Larie
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